Finding Your True Love This Valentine’s Day

Finding your true love

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and people everywhere are celebrating the gift that is love. Love truly is a great emotion as it has the power to do wonderous things. Finding your true love is a journey a lot of people embark, some with better luck and success than others. Today however, I want to talk about and encourage you to find what you love, rather than who.

It’s A Journey

Finding your true love, as in your true passion, is a journey that can be just as hard as finding a person to love for the rest of your life. Mothers in particular, are more susceptible to neglect the journey to find their passion in exchange for duties and diapers. It’s almost like you forget who you were pre-kids. As the kids get older though, and you find you have more free time, you start to realize you might get bored.

Don’t Lose YOU!

Please don’t become one of those mothers that literally don’t know what to do with themselves when the kids are gone. Whether it’s to a sleepover, or off to college, you should have something you love doing that’s fulfilling. I mean this in the kindest way. There’s nothing wrong with dedicating your life to your kids, however, it shouldn’t be at the expense of losing you.

You might be surprised at what you uncover on the journey to find your true love too. For instance, when I was a mother of only two, I loved to entertain and cook everything by myself from scratch. I still enjoy getting a group of friends together, however as a mother of four now, I strictly cook out of necessity, lol. I still like seeing how other’s entertain and getting theme and decor ideas, but I make sure my time in the kitchen is at a bare minimum.

Pay Attention

I discovered my love for writing post kids. Just one of those things. I was actually bored at home when I discovered the world of bloggers and vloggers, and it was hook, line, sinker from there. My YouTube “career” was short lived, but I always came back to writing. It’s after the fact that I remembered I used to write poetry as a kid. See it was there all along, just never paid attention. Pay attention!

You might think that your true love is solely for your pleasure, and though it certainly should be your favorite pastime, you’ll find it so much more rewarding when you pass that gift on. You might think that what you love can’t be shared, but you’re wrong. Love flowers? Arrange buckets for people. Love chocolate? Be a pseudo-Chocolatier and share your knowledge with friends or stranger-friends online. Love kids? Help watch someone else’s. You get the picture. So this Valentine’s Day, your gift to yourself is finding your true love, then finding a way to give it away.

Love y’all!

Before I let you go, here’s today’s nod to #BlackHistoryMonth

#TodayInBlackHistory 2-12-1909 NAACP was founded after riot in Springfield, Il

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