4 Steps to Making a Connection To The Man Of Your Dreams

Have you ever heard a woman say “I want to get married (again), but it’s hard to make a true connection to the man of your dreams”? That’s the conversation that I recently had with a group of progress single women searching for love. When you understand the power of connection it will lead to places you’ve only imagined possible for your love life.

The Power of Love

Let me first set the record straight, I am not “coined” as a relationship expert or love coach by any means. What I can say is that I’ve learned so much over the past several years about love and relationships. To be completely honest it’s because I’ve failed at it in the past and rebounded to discover the power of love. If love is rooted and grounded on the basis of friendship and built on a foundation of God’s love that’s when we learn how to have the kind of love that God has intended for us.

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Connect with His Heart

For some women, it’s a challenge to make love connections. The truth is – we women have not been taught how to connect with a man’s heart because we often struggle with connecting with our own hearts. Here are 4 steps to making the connection to the man of your dreams:

1. Get To Know The Man

Here’s the most important step to making a lasting connection. You have to get to know the man for who he is and not what he does. You must realize that most men just want someone who they can trust, love and cherish. Because when you learn to listen to his thoughts, feelings, challenges and even insecurities (without judgment) it encourages him to open up and desire to share more with you.

*Bonus: For women who are desiring to live a life pleasing and honoring God, hold true to your promise and avoid having a sexual relationship. Introducing sexual intimacy can be dangerous and limits you from both discovering the authentic love that friendship can produce.

2. Be A Woman

Stay in your feminine energy by being receptive and open to his attention. As a result, when the man of your dreams sees that you’re a woman who’s secure in herself and doesn’t need to pursue him, he’ll be encouraged to step up his game so another man doesn’t beat him to the chase. For a man to feel like he wants to get closer to you, he needs to feel good around you. As long as you’re happy to see him and tell him you enjoy his company, most men will come back for more.

3. Build The Friendship

Keep your eye on the big picture and that is FRIENDSHIP, believe me, love will soon follow. Seek for a purposeful relationship with him that will bring him to need you as a life partner. In exchange, you will be more fulfilled by life and vision of the life you can have with your best friend.

4. Be A Good Steward

Once you’re in a committed relationship with the man of your dreams, it is your reasonable service to oversee, protect, and care for who God is entrusting to you. Let him take the lead and continuing to be receptive to him and it will fuel his passion for you. He will adore you and appreciate you. And you will be able to relax knowing that you are desired, valued and most of all cherished by him.

This post was written by Latricia Chisholm. Latricia Chisholm is the CEO and Founder of Emerge, which is an organization specializing in organizational leadership development and training. In addition to her operational oversight, Latricia is a sought after personal development coach. She has a unique way of helping clients via strategies and guiding principles to inspire intentional growth which ultimately leads to personal power, abundance and prosperity. Known as a Facilitator of Discovery™, she quickly identifies her client’s areas of strength. She then guides them through a process that leads to maximizing their full potential and discovering their purpose. Her motto is “Leave No Dream Unfulfilled”.

Latricia has 15 years in the filed of leadership training and project management. She received her Master of Science, in Creative Studies and Change Leadership from Buffalo State. She is a dedicated mother of 2 amazing children and key contributor to community.

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