Must-Have Family Instagram Photos to Take at The Beach #BeachesMoms

Disclosure: We loved our second experience and photoshoot so much that we paid a good penny for a portion of over 200 pics taken. But they weren’t enough. So in exchange for sharing my experience, Beaches Resorts gifted us a bunch of additional shots which we greatly appreciated.

Who doesn’t love beautiful family Instagram photos?! It’s no secret that I love taking family photos. We take them every year and it’s amazing to see how much the kids have grown from one year to the next. I’m a huge fan of the photoshoots because as I’ve shared before, I don’t have many photos of me growing up as a kid.

It’s gotten to the point that I usually create a “must have” shot list for the photoshoots. That way, I can make sure that we get as many variations as needed. With both of my daughters now having Instagram accounts (you can follow them @BrielleFlips and @LivyBelleSews), we need as many photos as possible family Instagram photos are definitely needed.

This is how last year’s Christmas Cards turned out thanks to this fab photoshoot on the beach.

Well, Summer is finally here, and what better backdrop to have for family photos than clear blue waters and sand?

Must-Have Family Instagram Photos to Take at The Beach #BeachesMoms

If the whole annual photo thing is not your thing, then hopefully, this list will help make your experience a little less stressful. Personally, I have fun doing them and look forward to them every year.

Granted, my husband and kids will probably tell you otherwise. 😁

Just the kids

This one is a no-brainer but when you have multiple kids, and you’re trying to hurry up, it can easily be overlooked. These pics especially come in handy when it comes to birthdays.

The photographer took so many great shots of them. And with the sun beaming so bright and it being hotter than hot, his camera tricks worked like a charm. He would have the kids keep their eyes closed, and open them once he counted to three. This alleviated a ton of closed or half-closed/squinty eyes. I told hubby he should’ve done the same thing LOL

Individual photos for everyone

For the same reasons as above…they will thank you later. It’s incredible just how much I see they’ve grown from one short year to the next. These are memories and photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Sibling photos

If you have multiple kids (depending on how many you have), they should each have their own photo with each sibling they have. I thought we had done this for this particular shoot, but we didn’t (or at least we didn’t end up purchasing them).

In our case, this is how it would look:

  1. Jr. (brother) + Olivia (sister)

  2. Jr (brother) + Brielle (sister)

  3. Olivia (sister) + Brielle (sister)

They didn’t get the individual, two on two photos, but we did love the sibling photos they did take!

This one is my favorite

Parents (no kids)

This one is self-explanatory. But I love these because I’m a firm believer in the strength of the “unit” before kids. And I’ve used these pics to wish hubby a happy birthday or share Valentine’s Day messages etc.

Each parent with kids (individual)

Think about the different holidays: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, etc. I was able to use these pics on my girls’ IG pages where they could wish their dad a happy birthday. Each of them shared pics of just them with daddy. They loved being able to do that.

Again, these are based on our family dynamic of 5.

  1. Dad with son

  1. Dad with daughters

  1. Mom with son

  1. Mom with daughters

Each parent with kids (group)

For the same reason as the group photos, these have also been nice to have. If I’m posting something on Instagram

  1. Kids with mom

  1. Kids with dad

Lifestyle + Family

We don’t usually change clothes during our family shoots, but you totally could! I think this year we will as I can’t remember the last time we had a dressed up shoot. It’s time (just don’t tell my fam 😆)

The explanation goes without saying. But it’s so nice to have a variety of family photos that are not just all posing for the camera.

Hubby thinks it’s cheesy but I think they are cute and make for some great portraits to hang around the house.

So what say you? Have you ever done family photos on the beach?

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