How to Deal With Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome

Are you experiencing that sad “Empty Nest Syndrome”? Your last baby is now finally settled in her or his kindergarten class, what to do with your free time? High School graduation is finally over and the last child is off to college. The house is now empty and free from noise. That leaves yet another room empty. What is there for you to do now?

Not only do mothers with teenage kids who’ve left the house feel that Empty Nest Syndrome, but stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs) may feel a bit lost as well. There is no toddler running around the house. He or she is now off to school. It may not be a permanent move, but your mornings are now free. If you are feeling a bit lost and need some guidance on how to figure out what to do with your life after kids, here are some helpful tips that can jump start your new journey of life without the kids.

  1. Find Your Passion- What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Do you like to bake desserts? Have you thought about writing your first book? Want to becoming a Blogger? It is a good idea to finally pursue your passion in life and turn it into a everyday activity.
  2. Develop A New Routine- Your day used to consist of getting up early in the morning. After all, the kids need someone to get them up and have lunch packed and ready for school. For SAHMs, your toddler used to wake up early in the morning ready to play. Now that your mornings are freed up, why not try something different. Go out for a morning jog, read the morning paper. Try doing something new. Develop a new routine that will help ease the Empty Nest Syndrome.
  3. Jump Start A New Career- Now that you have no children in the house, have you decided to go back to school? For the SAHM, you finally get the chance to go back to school. Whether it is attending class part time or trying the online school route, it is time to take care of the dream career you may have put on hold to raise your children. Now is the time to go after your dream career.

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Now is a new beginning for you. Being a mother has become an identity. Here is your chance to do some or all the things you’ve been wanting to do but lacked time. Enjoy your time traveling the world or meeting friends more often is healthy and a great way to focus on yourself.

Hope these tips have given you some ideas to tackle the Empty Nest Syndrome. Remember that loving yourself is making time for yourself. If you never took that time out, do it now! Happy mama makes for a happy life.

Have you dealt with your little ones or big ones going off to school? How did you occupy your new free time?

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