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I can’t even begin to tell you what an honor it was to be featured on Love. Work. Reapeat. These women are doing some incredible things to strengthen families in our community, so I’m excited to be a part of their movement. And I’m even more excited that they chose to feature me for this month’s issue of LWR.

Check out the feature below! 

I had the pleasure of “meeting” Christine St. Vil on Instagram. From the moment I hit that follow button, I have been in awe of her spirit, determination and schedule! Lol! She’s doing BIG things people! I also came to learn how accessible Christine is and that she’s truly an advocate for mother’s everywhere. I felt it only befitting to spotlight her and her work in the May issue of LWR as we celebrate moms, Christine St. Vil is one you definitely want to know!

Tell us a little about yourself.

For starters, I’m a wife to an amazing husband (married for almost nine years) and we have three children (ages 2, 4 & 6). My husband and I also started homeschooling this past year (whew, talk about a challenge!). I worked in HR for six years before I left in 2011 and then decided to start my business, Moms ‘N Charge™ in 2012. I never could’ve imagined where I am now just a couple of years ago.

LWR family photoHow did the Moms ‘N Charge™ Movement get started?

I love that you call it a movement, because that’s exactly what it is. I left my corporate job when I was almost seven months pregnant with our third child, not as a result of something we had planned to do, but out of necessity. Unfortunately, the overwhelming stress of my job was affecting my health and that of my baby.When I became a stay-at-home mom after having our third baby, it was actually a rough time for me because it was a big transition leaving corporate (especially because I actually loved what I did). I no longer had “my time” (when I went to work). I went through a period of postpartum depression and ended up losing my identity (or like I say, I became a victim of identity theft due to motherhood). I lost a sense of who I was and neglected my own needs because I was consumed with taking care of my family.So Moms ‘N Charge™ came about because it was a need that I had for myself – to learn how to take charge of my life and to stop feeling guilty for putting my needs at the top of my list of priorities as a mom.

What is your goal with Moms ‘N Charge™?

My goal is really to help more moms realize the importance of holistic self-care; to understand that self-care is not a “nice-sity” but a necessity. So many times I hear moms say that they can’t do x, y or z because of the demands of motherhood, or that they feel guilty for wanting to pursue their goals and dreams because they have children to care for. So my goal is to create a community of moms who are ready to take charge of their own lives, so they can pursue their life’s purpose, guilt-free. I want moms to understand that they can be a great mother in addition to starting a new business or career.

Click here to find out what I had to say about moms & guilt, my advice for moms trying to do it all, and juggling family and career.

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