Use these 5 Websites for Inexpensive Summer Fun

Inexpensive summer fun

What is summer vacation if it is not jam-packed with fun, and gets even better when it can be done on a budget? The kids want the fun and mom doesn’t want to break the bank. Here are five resources that will help you score some inexpensive summer fun and make everyone happy.

Groupon, Travel Zoo & Living Social

These three are my first stops when looking for something to do on a budget. I go there before I head over to the company’s actual website to purchase things. A few months ago, I had some extra money so I bought a few Groupons and Living Social certificates to use over time. This allowed us to kick off the summer at Sky Zone a few weeks ago. My son has had a sushi date with his aunt, and I’ll be sliding out in a week or two to get a mani-pedi. I got all three for less than $60.

Three amazing things about these sites are:

1) They offer a variety of things including events, activities, goods, services, and travel.
2) You can typically purchase something and use it the same day, but there are a few exceptions.
3) These sites allow you try new things at amazingly discounted prices, which comes in handy when you don’t know what to expect.


Eventbrite is my newest guilty pleasure. This is the site you use when you are ready to hit the scene. I’ll leave it up to you to determine what your scene is but this is the place to get you connected. Eventbrite is only events and they have both adult and family events. Prices vary but there are a lot of FREE opportunities available too. They have everything from concerts and conferences to festivals and classes.


Meetup is a really adult-centric way of meeting people based on common interests and hobbies. There is a variety of interest available from health and fitness to people that want to learn a new language. In my area, I’ve noticed there are a few “mom and me” centered ones but that is usually for newborn to toddler aged children. However, if you don’t see a group you like or fits your needs you can create your own. It is a great way to meet other people, work on a craft, or network. There may be fees or dues associated with groups or events but they are usually less than $50. You can also join multiple groups.

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Keep in mind when using any these sites:

1) You must act quickly if you want to get your desired date and quantity.
2) There might be limitations on the quantity you can purchase, so you might want to work as a team with someone to get the quantity you desire.
3) Your favorite places or items may not always be available.
4) Availability and prices vary depending on the city where you live.

I hope these website aid in your quest to ensure both you and the kids have some summer fun on a budget.

What are some other ways you plan inexpensive summer fun activities with your family?

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