UniverSoul Circus Recap From The Kids’ Perspective

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary family five pack of tickets to take my family to see the UniverSoul Circus. All opinions are my own (and of those that I gave birth to).

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the UniverSooooooooooul Circus at the National Harbor in Maryland. This was our first time attending and we hadn’t taken the kids to a circus at all in probably three years. So they were really excited about going. I will also say that they have been creating their own in-home circus complete with acrobatics since the circus (I may or may not have had several mini heart attacks watching them). And since this is an event in which really only the kids’ opinion(s) matter (I won’t mention the number of adults in attendance without kids that The Style Medic and I saw…that’s neither here nor there), I thought it best to ask them for their thoughts. Now this might be somewhat of a spoiler, so just a heads up 🙂

So here’s the UniverSoul Circus Recap from the kids’ perspective, after asking them their thoughts:

Ok kids so what did you like about the circus?

Princess #1 (age 4): I like the elephants.

Princess #2 (age 5): I liked when they did flips and stand on each other.

Young Prince (age 7): I liked when the ladies got into the cage and then when they put the blanket over, they got transformed into tigers.

What was your favorite part?

Princess #1: My favorite part was when the elephants were doing tricks (so I’m guessing that she is a really big fan of elephants).

Princess #2: When they all did back bridges on each other.

Young Prince: The acrobats.

Do you want to go again?

YESSS! (that was from all three in unison)

Would you tell your friends to go?

YESSS! (again from all three…and the girls started listing all of their friends they would tell to go)

What would you tell your friends to take with them if they went to the circus?

Princess #1: I would tell them if it’s raining at the circus to bring their umbrella (s/n it poured rain while we were at the circus)

Princess #2: Their phones (yes because all of their friends their age carry phones…or maybe she meant she would tell their parents to bring their phones…)

Young Prince: If they had cameras, I would tell them to bring them.

And there you have it, if you have kiddos then they will clearly enjoy the UniverSoul Circus. So check out the schedule to see when they’ll be coming to a city near you!

What do your kids enjoy about going to the circus?

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