Tasty Thursday: Green Goddess Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing by Tosh Patterson
Tosh Patterson guest postThe following post was written by Tosh Patterson (AKA the Chief Healthinista). Tosh Patterson is CEO of Be Well, Eat Well, Live Well, a company dedicated to helping busy women lead healthy lives and get S.K.I.N.N.Y. ®Tosh worked hard to climb the corporate ladder but left her health neglected along the way resulting in a 300 pound body. While on her healthy journey, Tosh began to inspire others towards wellness.Tosh is now known as The Healthinista, not because she’s a size 4, but because she lost 70 pounds and continues to strive forward. Her goal is to help women of all types snatch back their lives and win back their bodies. You can connect with Tosh on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

Hey Moms,

Do yourself a favor and throw away that bottled salad dressing.

Fresh dressing is not only easy to make, but tastes far more delicious!

And this Green Goddess Dressing can also double as a tasty dipping sauce for baby carrots, cucumbers, etc. Sounds like a tasty afternoon snack to me!


 Green Goddess Dressing by Tosh Patterson

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