Taking Time Away From The Kids

Taking time away from kids

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Kids are amazing, they make us laugh, give us energy and they are always a huge presence in any room. However, kids can also be very stressful to look after. Sometimes there needs to be a time where you and your partner get away from the kids, relax and rediscover who you are.


You’ll hear your name

When you have kids, you kind of forego your former identity and turn into Mom or Dad, but when you are away from the kids for a while, you will hear people call you by your name and you will feel like a human again.


Space is amazing

Whether you go on a Christian couples retreats, spend a night at the movies and have dinner, or even have a quiet night in while the kids are away. Space to yourself and time with the one you love is great for your mental health. Let go of the stresses of the week and relax with your partner.


You have time to think

Rather than your mind racing at 100mph about where the kids’ socks are, why they aren’t in bed yet or where that cuddly toy has disappeared to; you can focus on your own issues and think for yourself for a while. Take the time to think about what you will enjoy eating (by yourself, uninterrupted, lol), or where you will go for a walk.


You can be you

Rather than just being the parent, you can step back from your stern persona and just be yourself for a while. Most of the time even when we are parents, in our own heads we are not adults. Let out your childlike side and chill out for a while.

You can enjoy your own hobby

If you have children and you love to play the piano, paint or even practice yoga; you’ll know that whenever you try to do any of these things the kids will want to get involved or takeover. What would have been a relaxing experience for you turns into a lesson and chaos. Without the kids there, you can spend time doing what you love. Although this cute video clip I saw on Instagram made it look like yoga with your child can sometimes be adorable (but still very distracting, lol).

Your kids’ benefit

It’s not just you who will feel relief from being separated for a while. You can relax and be yourself. And your children can experience living with someone else for a few days. They will often come home having learned a few different things and maybe even a newfound interest in certain topics. 

It teaches them independence

There will come a time in your child’s life that they will leave and start a life of their own. They might leave for college or move into their own house. Being able to spend time away from your kids at times as they grow will make it easier for them to cope when they grow older. Living at home until your 30’s may be a trend, but it doesn’t have to be your child’s trend, lol.


It makes you a better parent

Having a break can be beneficial for your parenting too. When you’ve had a few days or weeks away from your children you come to miss them and appreciate them more. You will come back feeling much more relaxed and you will often be much more interested in your children and calm when something goes wrong.



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