Praying for Your Husband is so Simple

Praying for your husband
Praying can be Simple & Direct

Ladies, are you praying on a regular basis? Do you go to God with your problems, thoughts, and frustrations? Praying isn’t as hard and difficult as it seems; it can be simple and direct. Heavenly Father, help me. Father, heal me. Heavenly Father, please forgive me. Those are simple and direct prayers that you can do that will bring results.

Don’t be Discouraged – All Prayers Work

Many times we feel like we don’t know how to pray and get discouraged. Especially when we see someone doing it who may be well versed and has had more practice. Remember that you have to start where you are! If you are a new Christian then pray simple and direct. You can also do a bible study about praying and when you are more comfortable and have memorized more scripture, then you can move to bigger, more well-versed prayers. Don’t be discouraged or get weary though because God hears and answers ALL prayers prayed according to His will.

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Pray for Your Relationships & Your Men

Now single ladies we should also be praying for the relationship that we desire as well. You don’t want to continue to attract these grown boys that are just gonna waste your time and break your heart. Here’s an example of a prayer I pray:

Father God I come to you on this day that you have made. Let me start by giving you praise for who you are, the Alpha and the Omega! The beginning and the end. Thank you for giving me life, protection, and guidance Father God.

Heavenly Father I want to pray for the men in this world. Most importantly the ones that will cross my path, the ones that are looking to be a husband to me or women like me. While we are here doing our work Father God, don’t let them be too far behind! While we may have been broken, beaten and misused, we know they have suffered the same.

So I pray Father God that we are all able to bring our hurt to you Father; for your guidance, reflection, understanding and the direction needed to change it, remove it, and move past it! In your son Jesus name we pray, amen!

Do you believe that prayer changes things? What do you like to pray about?

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