Mary J. Blige’s The London Sessions Album Review

Disclosure: I participated in the Mary J. Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.

I love music. It’s part of what gets me through the day, and often times keeps me motivated and pumped up. There is so much “noise” and junk out there that claims to be music. And ever since I became a mom, I’m very selective of what I allow the kids to listen to. So it’s refreshing to hear artists like Mary J. Blige continue to bring real music to the forefront. It’s an album the whole family can listen and groove to. The London Sessions is new and fresh but still true to the MJB sound and style we all know and love.

Here are my top four favorite tracks from the album:

Doubt (Track 2) – I love this song because it’s a great empowerment song. It talks about all of the things people said she would never be and how she has surpassed those very things, and there’s no stopping her now. This one is for all the haters, and we all have some (which I guess means we’re doing something right).

Chorus: I made it to the end, I nearly paid the cost. I lost a lot of friends. I sacrificed a lot. I’d do it all again, ’cause I made it to the top. I can’t keep doubting myself anymore.

Mary J Blige - London Sessions 1

When You’re Gone (Track 4) – This song is real. It’s a great love song and I really love it. I’ll be singing this one to my boo (*wink).

Chorus: When you’re gone, I miss you like I did when we were first together. No one in this world could ever hold me better. Just tell me when you’re coming home. When you’re gone, I miss you like you took a piece of me with ya; didn’t think I cared that much did ya? Just tell me when you’re coming home.

Nobody But You (Track 9) – This song has a grown and sexy club feel to it, upbeat and fun. I could see myself grooving to it with my boo on the dance floor.

Chorus: Cause I don’t really care for, no I don’t really care for nobody but you; nobody but you baby; you’re the only one I’m there for, no I don’t really care for nobody but you. Nobody but you baby. Nobody but you. You. You. You. You. You. Nobody but you. You. You. You. You. You.

Pick Me Up (Track 10) – Another head bopper, I just love the beat and the rhythm. It’s funky and fresh.

Chorus: Pick me up, pilot; Fly me straight to the island; Soon the sun gon’ be shining on me. Pick me up pilot. Fly me straight to the island. Soon the sun gon’ be shining on me

All in all, The London Sessions is solid. It’s diverse. There’s something for everybody. There are several songs that will be on constant repeat in my iTunes library. It’s hard to believe it came together in just three weeks – that’s greatness! The album goes on sale December 2nd, but you can preorder here. Be sure to follow #TheLondonSessions hashtag to keep up with the latest.

And if you want a great recap of each track on the album, I think Arlett over at Chasing Joy did an excellent job in describing her take on each song. Head on over and check it out.

In the meantime, check out the The London Sessions trailer, and then be sure to get your copy!

Mary J Blige - London Sessions 3

Have you purhcased the album? What’s your favorite track on The London Sessions?

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