#DMV: Join Us at the Tots to Teens Expo 4/20/13

The Tots to Teens Expo is expected to attract thousands of families to the Washington, DC Convention Center on Saturday April 20, 2013 from 6-9pm, with plans to travel to other major cities across the US on an annual basis. Taylor Thomas (radio news anchor for WHUR – Howard University Radio and The Steve Harvey morning show, and former National spokesperson for the American Red Cross’ Summer Water Child Safety & Fall Child Fire Prevention Campaigns) has partnered with major brands and organizations such as Pottery Barn Kids96.3 WHURTots to TweensYMCAWashington Parent, and many, many more. Like other busy Metropolitan mothers, Ms. Thomas saw a need for this valuable resource after spending the last few years searching online and asking friends for references for services and other things to do with her family. Thus, the Tots 2 Teens Expo was born, serving to make life easier for those who plan the activities for their families.

So I sat down with Taylor Thomas to gain a better idea as to what this Expo is all about, and why people should bring their families to check it all out.

What is the mission/purpose of Tots to Teens Expo and what makes it unique?

Taylor: This is a place where parents can come and find every type of service they will ever need for their kids; everything from education services to social services, to simply sports and athletic services. My two main areas of focus are also education socially and academically (to include healthy living, eating and fitness).

How did you come up with the concept?

Taylor: As a mother of an eight year old I just found it so difficult trying to pick up different directories to find services [for my daughter]. I would hear different things from different people.  So I thought it be great idea to go to one location where I could see all of the different services available to take my child to, instead of having to rely on a picture in a magazine. This Expo allows myself and other parents to meet one-on-one with the directors of various organizations of these activities, so it’s something that my daughter and I can take part in together.

What can people expect to walk away with after attending this Expo?

Taylor: They can expect their child to have a totally different feel of what DC, Maryland, and Virginia has to offer when it comes to education and when it comes to keeping their families active. They can expect to walk away with a list of resources of things they’ve heard about, but never really took the time to investigate, or pick up information on.  They will be inspired by the wonderful people we have hosting workshops. There will also be information for parents too; from child exportation, to safe driving, to CPR and green living  – teaching kids how to plant gardens whether they are in the city or in the suburbs. There is literally going to be so many things I couldn’t just sum it up in a few words. They will definitely leave with a totally different perspective on what this area has to offer families.

I heard there were going to be some Tots to Teens reporters on the scene. Can you tell me about that?

Taylor: Yes, that’s my brainchild! [Laughs] I know so many people who are inspired to do TV and radio so I thought it’d be great to get them involved. I was excited to be able to host an open call. You are not going to believe how phenomenal these kids are! It’s just amazing. They are excited about doing it. We brought on an expert who does television and video, and we are training the kids to ask questions, make eye contact, and proper ways to hold the mic.

How many people are expected?

Taylor: We’re expecting 15,000 people from all over the area.

What are some of the activities that families can expect to enjoy?

Taylor: There’s going to be a pageant, a fashion show, a healthy eating stage, a fitness stage, as well as over 3,000 square feet of inflatables. We will also have video games and workshops. You name it, we will have it. We even have three kids’ spas that are going to be there.  We have children’s camps and we have the members of the Miss Junior international pageant that are going to be there. And all of this is absolutely FREE for families to attend!

I just invite everyone to come and check out TheBetterFamily.com to find out who is going to be there and all of what’s going to take place.

Thank you for sharing Ms. Thomas and I look forward to bringing my family to share in this excitement.

Are you in the DC area and do you plan to attend the Expo? If you’re not in the DMV, what city would you like to see this Expo travel to next?

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