Day 10 – Facial Treatment: 31 Day #FLYMomChallenge

Happy Friday FLY Moms!!! We are 10 days into the 31 Day FLY Mom Challenge. How are you feeling? Hopefully, you are starting to find ways to make time for yourself and put your needs at the top of your list of priorities. While you may not do every single challenge during the span of this 31 days, the goal is to get you to start thinking about how you can carve out a little extra time just for you. The goal is to get you to embrace the things that bring you joy. As a mom, it’s so easy to lose yourself and your interests because you’re so focused on the kids (I’ve been there and it’s not a healthy place to be). So start creating a healthy habit of intentional self-care today!

Today’s challenge is to treat yourself to a facial. Now this is a challenge I definitely need and will be doing! I already have dry skin so it’s definitely magnified during the winter months, and this extreme cold we’ve had hasn’t helped at all. So I’m going back to this treatment that I found a while back and that worked on my dry skin: it’s an Avocado and Olive Oil face mask that was shared by Tia & Tamera. Click here for a complete list of DIY all natural face masks for every skin type. You can also check out these 8 DIY face masks.

When is the last time you gave yourself a facial treatment? 

Day 10 FLY Mom Challenge

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