This is EXACTLY Why We Need #BlackHistoryMonth

I’m not one that posted left and right about this debacle with a person (who shall remain nameless) stating that Black History month is not needed. However…this post that you’re reading further demonstrates the need for it now, more than ever. Black History Month is a time to reflect, teach and appreciate all that our ancestors went through, so that we, as a race can live the lives that we live today (although in recent times the importance of our lives has been questioned, it still does not compare to what our ancestors went through).

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Black History Month is needed because of foolishness like this being taught to our children (see image below). I thank God even more for blessing us with the opportunity and capability of homeschooling our children. Even on days that it’s a struggle, I see stuff like this and I remember why we are doing it. Stuff like what you ask?

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent this image to me via text. I had too many words to say so decided to respond with a blog post. The good thing is that in doing some quick research with Madame Google, I could not find this “homework assignment” anywhere on the interwebs.

13 colonies black history lies

Even if this happened to be a fake assignment (I did block out the name that was written at the top), who in their right minds would create something like this? This literally wipes out all of the pain and suffering our people went through.

“…thousands of people in Europe and Africa came to America for new opportunities and a better life.”

Huh? Forcing them away from their homes and their families was the new opportunity they had been praying for? Getting beaten, hung, spat on and basically treated like an animal was the new opportunity they “came” to America for? Wow.

Let’s see…I’m no history buff, but even Siri was able to tell me about the transatlantic slave trade. Oh and then there was the internal/domestic slave trade. I really get teary-eyed when I think and read about our Black History. It’s the very reason why we’re frustrated. It’s the very reason why we have to create movements like #BlackLivesMatter. Because in all honesty, some people still feel like they don’t, plain and simple. And this ridiculous assignment is confirmation of that.

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This also further gives me confirmation and appreciation for the fact that my husband and I homeschool, and are able to teach our children these very important history facts. This teacher, this school district (wherever this came from), is doing such a disservice and a dishonor to our ancestors, as well as to the children who they are teaching this garbage to. And I am not here for any of it! This is truly disgusting in every sense of the word, and whoever is responsible should be ashamed of himself or herself.

How would you handle this situation if your child came home with this assignment?

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  • Tanya Barnett
    February 24, 2016 at 12:02 PM

    WOW! I could hear the exasperation in your voice while reading this. I am speechless but this is so believable. Being in a school setting, everyday, I have become keenly aware of the attempt by white people to literally “white-wash” that part of history in an effort to make themselves and their children feel better. While our children are not taught the history of our people, which began as kings and queens and empires in Africa. We can not explain today’s society until we put into the social context of our place in history. I recently saw a picture that showed 400yrs: slavery, 89yrs: Segregation and on 60yrs since Brown v. Board of Education. I pray that this parent says something to express their displeasure and then refuse to have their child complete the assignment.

    My daughter is in US history and they never talked about slavery, NOT ONCE!! Really??? The teacher digressed to say its not in the book. So, I am once again teaching my kids our real history. After all it is HIS-Story, not ours.

  • Veronica
    February 24, 2016 at 5:48 PM

    Wow. Just Wow. It’s amazing the things that kids are being taught all unbeknownst to their parents, especially when the child is younger and it looks like a “fun coloring” activity. In the past, my sons received some questionable assignments and I’ve even noticed some interesting things during a Christmas Program. Like you, it shows me that the decision to homeschool is such a blessing in many, many ways! Our history is integral.
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