Sisterhood: Can Women Really Get Along?

The Sisterhood- Can Women Really Get Along-

As a woman, I have experienced so much dislike from my fellow sisters and I know many of you can relate, feeling that the word sisterhood is just a myth. Much of the dislike has no warrant at all on our part, so somehow a simple walk into the room and death stares from women start raining down. Why? I can’t fully answer that question but I will say that I never allow it to stop me from being who I am; kind, considerate, compassionate, emphatic, loving, caring and supporter to many; even those that dislike me.

As women, as different as we are, as much as our stories, backgrounds, and experiences vary, we’re still women. I’m sure we can relate to a number of questions that we may ask ourselves daily. Why me? Why not me? Why did he leave? Why did I get fired? Why did he cheat? The answer may be different for everyone, but as part of a sisterhood, we should be able to support each other and have each other’s back.

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It’s time the cattiness, the pettiness, and the competing and comparisons stop. I don’t know where it started or how it even got started or who sent out the memo that we are supposed to be at odds. We all can go so much higher and reach all-time highs if we just do our best to respect and admire one another.

You never know what someone else is going through, or has been through which may be why they have a less than appealing demeanor. However would it be so awful just to greet the person? Your words can very well be what she needs to hear. A simple “good morning” can brighten anyone’s day, especially if they are dealing with all kinds of craziness at home or on the job.

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What can we as women do to support and better the sisterhood?

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