What No AC in the Summer Taught Me About Reaching Goals

When it comes to reaching goals, sometimes it’s the simple life lessons that can push us to greater heights. Since the beginning of summer, we have been without AC. That’s right, we’ve been living in a sauna because for whatever reason, our AC started blowing out warm air all of a sudden. But with everything being so hectic and crazy, we just didn’t have the time to get someone in to check it out (not to mention, we were fearful of hearing what the cost would be to fix the problem). On the bright side, our basement remained cool. So much to the kids’ delight, that’s where we’ve been camping out as one big happy family.

I was over it probably by the end of the first week. So I thought that maybe since we had the AC turned off for so long, maybe if I tried to turn it on again it would work properly. But I didn’t do anything different. We still didn’t have anyone come out and look at it or even know what to look for. All the while, my husband kept reassuring me that it was probably an easy fix. But because I couldn’t see it (or in this case feel it), I couldn’t believe it.

obstacles and goals

Fast forward to a few days ago when my husband got home from work in the morning. He had gone downstairs to take a look at the furnace and noticed that some wires looked to have been disconnected (which hadn’t been before). So he decided try connecting the wires together and then turning on the AC a few minutes later to see if it had made any difference. And guess what? It worked! We had spent nearly two months sweating bullets in the house, only to find out it was as simple as taking a step back, looking to see what was missing and then trying a different approach.

At the same time this was happening, I had joined a group challenge with an amazing group where we’re forcing ourselves to either rethink the way we’re executing our goals, or re-work them so that they actually work. As I sat down to do my homework on some new projects, I realized that it wasn’t that the idea sucked or that the product wasn’t going to work. It’s just that I had to figure out which “wires” were disconnected, or connected incorrectly and then fix it.

You see, a lot of times people (me included), toss goals or ideas to the side because we think they’re not working or not good enough. But how many times have you tried a different approach? How often do you take a step back to evaluate the situation as a whole and see what wires are not connected that should be? And just like the AC fix, this one goal I’m working on was as simple as connecting some wires that had been disconnected.

So whatever your goals might be, if you’re getting frustrated because they don’t seem to be working, understand that all it might take is some readjusting and rearranging. If the way you’ve been doing it isn’t working, then try another, especially if you know it’s a great idea. Keep pressing, keep pushing, and don’t let the heat of life deter you from reaching your own goals.

What are some goals that you have been putting off due to obstacles?

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