Valuable Lessons Learned from Love Letters & Sweet Dreams

written letters & sweet dreams
Love Letters

Less than a month ago, my husband and I celebrated our 11th year anniversary. Coincidentally enough, just a few days shy of our anniversary, I found a letter that my mother wrote to me on our wedding day. I made sure to tuck this heartfelt, handwritten letter away safely because it is memories such as these that are treasured for a lifetime long after Mama is gone.

The letter basically said how proud she was of the woman that I had matured into. She reminded me to always keep God first and keep the lines of communication open. You know, the really important stuff that keeps marriages tight.
It was the last paragraph that really tugged on my heart strings though.

“Oh yeah, it’s the day that the Lord said you would be married. I’ll always remember how we all laughed and joked about your wedding day. Guess the joke’s on us now because my baby is married now. Love Always, Mommy.”

Sweet Dreams

The backstory is that I had a dream while I was just dating my husband. I had never experienced a dream as vivid and realistic as that one. All dressed up in a beautiful wedding gown, my daddy was leading me down the aisle to my future husband. I couldn’t see his face though as it was a complete blur. The closer we got, the more anxious I grew to see who I would be spending the rest of my life with. It wasn’t until I was standing right next to him that I could see that it was the guy that I was dating at the time.

This was quite a revelation because I had been earnestly praying for an answer regarding the future of our relationship. Upon further examination, I saw various wedding details, including a program with the date July 16, 2005. Since I usually don’t remember my dreams when I wake up, I knew this was an indication that this was something of major importance.

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Ridden with excitement, I told my closest family and friends that I was getting married on July 16 of the following year! (It was December when I had the dream.) I wasn’t even engaged to be married! I could barely believe the story myself so I wasn’t surprised when my mother thought I was crazy. Well, as you just read it really happened just the way I dreamed.

Lessons Learned

I was truly grateful for my mother’s love note the day that I received it. However, now that I have children of my own, I have a greater appreciation of that one page letter. The lines mean so much more to me as a parent than they did as just her daughter. The words on this letter reminded me to:

Believe in your children’s dreams – No matter how ridiculous they seem to you now. Little kids with dreams grow up to be adults with vision. Listen intently and encourage as they grow into everything that God created them to be.
Always remind them how proud you are – Even if you think they already know, your children need to know that you are genuinely proud of everything that they’ve accomplished. This rings true even through adulthood.
Handwrite them a letter – I know we are inundated with text messages, emails and social media posts, but nothing is more heartfelt and personal than a letter. Take a moment today and send your precious ones a note telling them just how much you adore them. Have fun and be creative with it!

I wish you and your beautiful babies many years of sweet dreams and love letters!

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