The Key Routines Every Busy Mom Needs to Make Getting Fit Feasible

Workout Routine

We recognize and appreciate the value of a routine to manage our children. But, do we leverage the power of routines for our own good? Specifically our desire to be a fit mom rather than a rundown mom. For most of us, the answer is no.

Adopting a few key routines can help us get and stay fit without stuffing more into our already full schedule. Actually, we save the time spent making in-the-moment decisions about what to eat and wear. Ready to relieve some of the pressure and make room to become your most fit self? Give these routines a try. 

1. The Weekly Workout Clothes Routine

Have you ever skipped a workout because you couldn’t find a shirt or pair of pants to wear? Or because needing to pick out an outfit for the workout and the day was too much? I have. Here’s what to do instead.

Spend a few minutes during the weekend (or just after doing laundry) to select a few workout outfits. If you are feeling really motivated, do the same thing with daily outfits for the entire family. This quick 15-20 minute routine helps to put your morning on autopilot saving both time and mental energy for your workouts.

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2. The Morning Workout Routine

What gets done early gets done often. How many times have our lunchtime or after work workouts been hijacked by the day’s requests? Many times, right? So, instead of hitting snooze, make a habit of rolling out of bed and starting the day with movement. No need to wake up hours early to get to a gym.

You can get a gym quality workout (link to equipment list for gym quality home workouts) in just 10-20 minutes in the comfort of your own home. This way your workout gets done before the demands of the day take over.


Get the Fierce in 20 Workouts

The perfect workouts to help you make that morning workout routine a reality.


3. The Menu Planning Routine

As much as we love variety, most of us eat the same 6-10 meals again and again. Leverage that predictability for your advantage. Write down the meals that your family eats most often for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. Each week, take a few moments to choose three options from each category. Commit to having each dish twice. You will have your meals planned for an entire week in about 5 minutes. If you want to save money, check out your fridge and pantry before you choose your meals. Then, choose meals based on the ingredients that you already have in the house. Your grocery list will be shorter. And, you won’t let food go bad before you get to it.

4. The Grocery Shopping Routine

Eating healthy meals often begins with stocking up on healthy foods for our home. However, on those busy weeks, it is super tempting to skip what is often a two-hour ordeal. When we do, we end up ordering pizza and serving peanut butter and jelly more often than we like. Here’s another way.

Automate your grocery shopping with a few simple steps. Write a master list based on the meals and snacks that your family normally eats. Highlight things on the list as you run out during the week. Then, use that highlighted list as your grocery list for the week. Save even more time (and prevent impulse purchases) by using a grocery fulfillment service to shop for you. Many local grocery stores take online orders now. All you have to do is show up and someone delivers the order to your car. Other services even deliver the groceries right to your door. The best part is that after you have shopped once, you can often shop from your previous orders. After a few times, grocery shopping will only take about 30 minutes a week instead of 2 hours.

5. The Nighttime Refill Routine

We know that drinking enough water is important. But, how many times do we get hours into the day without taking the time to fill up our water bottle? Here’s a simple way to ensure that you have the water you need even on busy mornings. During your nightly kitchen clean-up process, fill up your water bottle. Place it in the refrigerator for the morning and you are all set. My personal favorite hack is to use a ½ gallon stainless steel bottle. I have the minimum amount of water that I need for the day with just one fill up. And, I only need to refill once to get an optimal amount.

There you have it. Five easy routines that help to make getting fit feasible no matter how busy your schedule may be. Do you have any others that you love? Leave a comment and let me know.

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