Interview: Rev Run And Justine Simmons On Diabetes Awareness

Last week was kind of an awesome day for me. Here’s why: 1) It was Veterans Day which meant recognizing the men and women who defend our freedom, and as a veteran myself (Air Force thankyouverymuch) I was able to enjoy some nice perks. 2) No. Work. (can I get an AMEN?) 3) I had the extreme pleasure of chatting with Hip Hop LEGEND, Rev Run and his fabulous wife, Justine about the Novo Nordisk Ask.Screen.Know. campaign. Kind of a big deal.

Here’s a little about the Ask. Screen. Know. campaign:

“More than one in three American adults are at risk of diabetes. The risk for African Americans nearly doubles —more than one in six African American adults has diabetes. That is why hip hop legend Rev Run and Justine Simmons are partnering with Novo Nordisk and its Ask.Screen.Know. campaign, challenging all Americans age 45 or older to take the Diabetes Risk Factor Assessment at Rev Run’s father had diabetes, and he recognizes that both he and Justine have several risk factors, including age and ethnicity. Because nothing is more important than their family, together they have committed to healthier lives by motivating each other to eat well, exercise regularly, and support one another in making healthy decisions. Diabetes can be a family affair, but getting screened and keeping healthy should be, too.”

November is not just “finish all the kids Halloween candy then eat a huge Thanksgiving dinner month”; it’s also American Diabetes Month. Who knew? I didn’t. I don’t know about you, but diabetes runs in my family. Both of my grandmothers were diabetic and I’m almost certain I have a sprinkling of other family members with blood sugar issues. So, when Christine asked if I’d like to speak with Rev Run and Justine about the Ask. Screen. Know. initiative I was all over it.

Check out the interview below to see what Rev Run & Justine Simmons had to say, including what got them interested in this particular campaign, risk factors they both faced, lifestyle changes (including favorite recipes) and advice for healthy eating during the holidays. Then be sure to head over to and take the diabetes risk factor assessment for yourself.

Do you have a family history of diabetes? How do you make healthy eating choices for you and your family?


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