Nevertheless, She Persisted: Raising Daughters In The Modern World

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One of the first things that parents of daughters learn is that, sometimes, their opportunities are limited.

There’s no doubt that things have changed for the better in this regard in recent years, but there’s also no doubt that there’s still a way to go. There are still huge problems with the representation of women in the STEM industries, and many people still insist that certain activities are “for boys only”. Girls are still being denied entry to boy-only domains. Miles have been traveled, but there are still miles to go.


The Choices For Our Daughters

If you’re the parent of a daughter, this issue is probably of particular interest to you. All parents want their children to feel that they have the world at their fingertips; that they can be anything they want to be; do anything they want to do. To be restricted from anything due to their gender is to cramp their lives before they’ve even really started.

The answer is persistence.  Thankfully, there are several areas where girls are beginning to make their voices heard, suggesting the future might be brighter than we dreamed.


Sport: Not Just A Boy Thing

Sport is more egalitarian than many areas of life, but there are still huge gaps in terms of attendance and viewing figures for female sport. This, however, is beginning to change, largely due to success.

The US women’s soccer team was ranked number one in the world for six consecutive years. Any daughter who would dream of following in their footsteps should consider the likes of FCBC, a training academy by soccer giants Barcelona FC for the young stars of the future.

In tennis, Serena Williams is one of the most celebrated tennis stars of all time, which has led to thousands of young girls flocking to tennis coaching to see if they can follow in her footsteps. These successes are crucial for encouraging participation and recreational watching of women’s sports. So while there’s still work to be done, there are some signs of improvement on the horizon.


Studying STEM

There are numerous programs designed to help encourage young women into the STEM fields; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Fields which are still incredibly male-dominated. If your daughter expresses an interest in these areas, there’s plenty of resources to help encourage and develop their imagination.

While the statistics on women working in tech make for rather miserable reading, over time, determined drives to recruit promising young women should eventually mean the statistics are more representative. Maybe your daughter can be at the crest of the wave.



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Change is always a gradual process, especially social change. There are signs of promise on the horizon,  meaning that the next generation of women will have more choice and opportunity than they ever have before. As parents of daughters, this change, albeit a gradual one, should be encouraged, celebrated, and nurtured.




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