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Dr. Alisha Griffith

  • Connected Listener

    3 Tips On How To Be a Connected Listener

    Connected listening is a way of bonding with your child. As an Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist, and an Au-some mom (mom with a son on the Autism Spectrum), I have…

  • mom guilt african-american mom baby

    3 Ways To Release The Guilt As a Mom

    Guilt, as a mom, especially as a mom with a child on the Autism Spectrum happens. You may have asked “why me’ or “why my child”? I know I certainly went through those…

  • signs of autism

    5 Early Signs To Be Aware of Autism

    I have worked with kids on the Autism spectrum for nearly 2 decades, but it’s different when it hits home. I knew the early signs of Autism, as a professional but it…