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For the longest time I could not understand what SEO was. I knew that it meant Search Engine Optimization and it was important for bloggers and anyone that uses the internet but I just couldn’t get it. Then one day while I was reading an article, it hit me. SEOs are like gossipers, they spread your business on the internet but this is a gossiper that you can love because it attracts potential customers.

SEOs Spread Your Business
We have all probably had a negative experience with someone gossiping about us. They told someone something private about you or something you did not want people to know. Gossipers have a following of people that want to hear the latest news and gossip. An SEO has the same principle. It searches the internet using the keywords used by people when they search the internet. Keywords are like red flags, and when there is a match between your tags, keywords, and content, etc, with the searched keywords, this pulls your blog, website or business, up in the searched list of options. There is more to it than this but I want to give you a summary. SEOs also consider how relevant your content is which is why it is important to always update your website, which you can do easily by adding a blog to your website.

InBound Links
Inbound links are when you add a link to someone’s video, blog post, etc in your content or on your website. It is very good to include links in your posts, and awesome when someone includes your link to their website or post. SEOs love inbound links because they want to know what is trending so they can spread it.

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Think of the gossiper that is watching someone’s house and can tell who came to the house, how long they stayed and how many people came. If a gossiper sees people coming to the house and they know that a spouse is at home alone, they are on it! They pick up that telephone and begin to spread the news. Well, SEOs use the same principle with inbound links. They want to know what blog posts are getting the most traffic and then they spread it on the internet. The next time someone references you or your company in their blog via a clickable link jump for joy because your SEO credit rating just went up.

SEO Credit Rating
An SEO credit rating is how I am able to understand what SEOs do for me and my business. There is a list of criteria that SEOs uses when determining what to spread on the internet and I call these criteria a credit rating because it is similar to a credit score. The higher your score the better your rating!

It is important to post relevant and new content. A website that was put up one year ago and nothing has been added to it will decrease your SEO Credit Rating because SEOs look for relevant and NEW content. An SEO even knows if you are re-posting the same content and this has a negative impact on your SEO Credit Rating. The higher your credit rating the more likely it is that your content will be pulled up in a search.

There is so much more to what SEOs consider but I wanted to share with you what I have learned so far. I am learning more I hope that you are too!

Here is a short clip of me teaching on SEOs at a recent workshop that I hosted! SEOs are Internet Gossipers

Did this breakdown of what SEO is help? Please ask any questions in the comments below.

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