RADICAL Means Crazy, & CRAZY is a GOOD Thing! #GetRADICAL2013

A little while ago, I told you about the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference that I would be attending in March, and also invited you to take part in a giveaway for a free ticket. Then earlier this week, I shared a post that I wrote for BMWK about a key take-away that was shared by Lisa Nichols on why we shouldn’t allow the lack of support from our spouse to paralize us when it comes to living our dreams. Well, one week later, and I am still in awe and still excited and in ACTION about my goals, visions, dreams, and making strides to turn them into realities. There are many, many things that have stood out to me since the conference. But one thing that Lisa Nichols and Doreen Raniey shared with us during the VIP breakfast is that: RADICAL means crazy, and crazy means FREEDOM. They then asked the question: If you stopped being afraid of being perceived as crazy or worrying about what other people think, what would you do?

For me personally, it was confirmation that 1) I’m doing a few things right and 2) There are some things that I need to just let go of for the sake of worrying about what other people might think. They gave me the reality check that other peoples’ perception of me is really none of my business. Being RADICAL doesn’t just mean doing things a little different. It means you are willing to be talked about. It means that you’re not going to continue to return to your “safe zone” simply because that’s where it’s comfortable. It means that you are going to step out and step UP to the plate that you are being handed.

So over the next couple of weeks, I will continue to share some key take-aways from the general & breakout session keynote speakers. I will share some more juicy nuggets from our fabulous conference host, Doreen Rainey who talked about what it really means to be RADICAL and why she has started a RADICAL Revolution.

Angela Jia Kim of Savor the Success, gave some critical tips on facing your everyday obstacles and overcoming the procrastination monster.

Judy Smith (AKA the Real Olivia Pope) shared a very honest and open discussion about how she got her start and became America’s #1 Crisis Management Expert, which led to her being the subject of ABC’s hit TV show, Scandal.

Giuliana Rancic was simply Amaze-balls! She shared her story on growing up an Italian immigrant, and how she went from wanting so badly to cover hard news, to eventually ending up in Hollywood and covering entertainment news.

Farnoosh Torabi was another fab-u-lous speaker and personal finance expert. She shared with us key points in her book Psych Yourself Rich, and seven key areas in which you can live a healthier life when it comes to decision making.

Jillian Michaels fitness expert and star of The Biggest Loser, is funny and down-to-earth. She gave us insights into what it really means to turn your dreams into reality, and the reason she returned to the Biggest Loser.

Lisa Nichols shared so much in her talks on and off the stage, that I may need more than one post to share her valuable teachings. She is the phenomenal “Secret” behind Motivating the Masses, one of the world’s leading training and development companies.

Mia Redrick is the Mom Strategist, and best seling author, strategy coach and speaker. With Time for Mom-Me, she empowers mothers to practice better self-care. But self-care may not necessarily be what you think it is. She gave us real life examples and ways to incorporate self-care into our daily lives.

Jennifer Abernathy is the powerhouse behind The Sales Lounge. In her breakout session, she proved why she is America’s Social Marketing Stylist for Business. I also just happened to win a free copy of her book, Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing.

So stay tuned to find out about these awesome women and more! One thing is for sure: they all ignited a RADICAL change, action step or desire within myself, and I’m ready for what God has in store for me!

Did you attend the Get RADICAL Conference? What were your biggest take-aways?

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