How the “Flower Technique” Can Help Your Self-Care Journey

I’m a wife. A mom. A business owner. A doctoral student. A member of the praise team. The lead counselor at my church’s counseling ministry. A daughter. A friend. And a woman. Needless to say, I have a lot of responsibility which pulls me in multiple directions. However, using what I call the “flower technique” helps me practice self-care. As a therapist, it’s easy for me to throw around the phrase “practice self-care” and to harp on how important it is. And it’s true: you have to implement some basic practices to make sure you are functioning as efficiently as possible. But as a mom, I know first hand that it’s easy to make sure everyone on earth is squared away before you stop and give yourself the once over. We all know that the whole “self-care” adage goes out the door when your to-do list is a complete bottomless pit. I think the airline industry has been giving us major hints on how to resolve this: in the event of an emergency, put YOUR mask on FIRST. As tempting as it is to negate your own basic and vital needs, when you do so, you put yourself at risk … Continue reading How the “Flower Technique” Can Help Your Self-Care Journey