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  • Finding your true love

    Finding Your True Love This Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and people everywhere are celebrating the gift that is love. Love truly is a great emotion as it has the power to do wonderous things. Finding your…

  • Quitting is not always bad

    Quitting Is Not Always A Bad Thing

    It’s Super Bowl Sunday. However when you’re reading this the game is over and done. However, currently it’s just started and I’m eager to see who takes home the win. The Super…

  • Knowing Black History

    Knowing Your Black History Can Do This For You

    It’s Black History Month, or as many are redefining it, Black History Year. Yes, we’re black every day of the year, lol. And taking the time to observe and educating our…

  • miss you Obama

    Reasons Why I Know You’ll Miss Obama

    The Obama’s leaving the White House is literally here and I’m like noooooo, I’m not reeeeaaaaadddyy! Like seriously, how? What will we do? Just seeing President Obama’s birthday tweet to his…

  • Get it done, #GetItDone2017

    Why You Need to Get It Done Sooner Than Later

    Hope everyone’s enjoying their MLK long weekend. In Canada though, it’s a regular ol’ Monday. My current situation though, as I write this Sunday night, is with the NFL playoffs playing…

  • African American

    Why You Should Be A Proud African American

    On Monday, January 16th is MLK Day, and although I never lived in America, the only country that recognizes it, I can’t help but take a minute to appreciate the life…